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Yondu Udonta was the leader of the Ravagers. Yondu was sold into slavery as a Kree battle slave by his own parents, when he was young. He had been a battle slave for twenty years by the time Stakar Ogord found and freed him, becoming his mentor. Yondu then became a Ravager Summary. Yondu Udonta was originally a Kree battle slave until he was saved by Stakar Ogord who recruited him into the ruthless space pirate group known as the Ravagers. In 1988, after becoming the captain of his crew, Yondu was hired by the Celestial Ego for a series of delivery missions to retrieve his hybrid children. But once he learned the children's fate, and was disowned by his peers. Yondu Udonta, ein Kampfsklave der Kree, wurde von dem Ravager Stakar Ogord und seinen Leuten befreit. Yondu tratt den Ravagers bei und bekam später seine eigene Gruppe. Allerdings brachen er und seine Männer den Ravagerkodex, indem sie Egos rechtmässige Kinder entführten und zu ihm brachten, selbst wenn sie aufhörten, als sie bemerkten was Ego mit den Kindern vorhatte. Da die Ravagers. Kree bounty hunters manage to capture you and Yondu and force him to kneel to them. For Bad Things Happen Bingo square Forced To Kneel/Bow. Series . Part 16 of Bad Things Happen Bingo Card #1; Language: English Words: 377 Chapters: 1/1 Collections: 1 Comments: 5 Kudos: 17 Hits: 358; Two Four Letter Words by TheOlderDixonBoy Fandoms: Guardians of the Galaxy (Movies) Mature; Choose Not To Use. Yondu Udonta is a recurring character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He serves as a supporting anti-hero in Guardians of the Galaxy, and as the deuteragonist of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He is the adopted father of Peter Quill/Star-Lord, an exiled member of the Ravagers, and was the leader of his own Ravager Clan before losing his position in a mutiny. He was portrayed by Michael.

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The Kree are a scientifically and technologically advanced militaristic race of mostly blue-skinned humanoids from the planet Hala.One of the most technologically efficient races in the galaxy, the Kree have special emphasis placed on their skills in genetic engineering and are known to the people of Earth as the progenitors of the Inhumans.They are a powerful force in the galaxy that control. Yondu Udonta is a Centaurian born in a tribe on the primitive planet of Centauri-IV. At a very young age, Yondu presenced the coming of an alien species to his tribe, the Syneca. The Syneca wished to share their technology in exchange for some Yaka ore. Yondu, amazed by the Syneca's crystal spaceships, took an opportunity to steal one so he and his friend Babatuku could go for a short fly. Yondu was sold into Kree slavery by his parents. He escaped years later and became a member of the Ravagers. Powers and Abilities Abilities. Seemingly those of his cinematic counterpart. Paraphernalia. Weapons. Yaka Arrow. Links and References. 1 Appearances of Yondu Udonta (Ravager) (Earth-13122) Minor Appearances of Yondu Udonta (Ravager. Space pirate Yondu Udonta leads his group of Ravagers across the galaxy, always looking for his next big score. Read Profile. Latest News. Comics. Didja Know... We're Yakkin' About Yondu . Didja Know digs into downright delightful details from across the merry Marvel Multiverse! 6 months ago. Comics 'Yondu' #1 Is Going to Be a Neo-Western Romp Through the Cosmos. Writers Lonnie Nadler and. Biographie Frühes Leben. Die ersten Jahre von Yondu Udonta waren für ihn nicht einfach: Seine Eltern verkauften ihn für Geld an das Kree Imperium, und er verbrachte den größten Teil seiner Jugend eingeschlossen in einem Käfig.Nach zwanzig Jahren Sklaverei befreite der legendäre Weltraumpirat Stakar Ogord Udonta und begrüßte ihn bei den Ravagers

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  1. Yondu Udonta is a recurring character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He serves as a supporting anti-villain in Guardians of the Galaxy, and as the deuteragonist of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He is the adopted father of Peter Quill/Star-Lord, an exiled member of the Ravagers, and was the leader of his own Ravager Clan before losing his position in a mutiny. He was portrayed by Michael.
  2. or antagonist-turned-anti-hero in the live-action 2014 film, Guardians of the Galaxy and one of the main protagonists of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Yondu was the guardian of Peter Quill after the death of his biological mother, Meredith. Yondu was born in Centauri-IV, the homeland of the Centaurians. However, as a.
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  4. Yondu Udonta is the fifth main antagonist turned anti-hero and supporting of Guardians of the Galaxy and the tritagonist-turned-deutetagonist of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Years of torture, and punishment from the Kree, Yondu became a Ravager Captain and protege of Stakar Ogord. However, he sold children to their father Ego but kept one child, Peter Quill and raised him as his own son
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  6. Yondu Udonta is a character in Guardians of the Galaxy and The Hobbit in Guardians of the Galaxy.Yondu was a leader of one of the 100 Ravager Clan and became the adoptive father and mentor to Peter Quill after abducting him on Terra. As a baby, Yondu's parents sold him to the Kree empire, leaving Yondu to become a battle slave. However, he became twenty when Stakar Ogord freed him and welcomed.
  7. Yondu Udonta is a character in Guardians of the Galaxy and Once Upon a Time Fanon. He was portrayed by Michael Rooker. From a young age, Yondu was tortured by the Kree Empire because his parents sold him to the Kree Empire. However, he was freed by Stakar Ogord who offered him a place among the Ravagers and Yondu accepted. He became part of a team formed by his mentor, and joined the group.

Yondu Udonta's parents sold him into slavery as a baby. This left a hole inside of him that led to plenty of poor decisions and the desire to push away anyone who seemed to love him. When Ravager captain Stakar Ogord saved him from life as a Kree battle slave, he finally felt like he'd found some kind of family Is Yondu a kree? (as he is blue) Edit: Ok, turns out he is a centaurian. 22 comments. share. save hide report. 67% Upvoted . This thread is archived. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Sort by. best. level 1. TheRedSpeedster. Spider-Man 45 points · 2 years ago. Don't be a spacist. level 1. murdockmanila. Daredevil 27 points · 2 years ago. If you aren't Kree then why are. Yondu Udonta Is a character in Once Upon a Marvel. He appears in The Gardens of Storybrooke and has no Storybrooke counterpart. Yondu is born to Centaurian parents, but none of them want him. As a baby, Yondu's parents sell him to the Kree Empire to be raised as a Kree Battle Slave. After receiving many scars and abuse from his owners, at twenty years old, he is freed by Stakar Ogord and. 1988, nach dem Tod seiner Mutter, wird der junge Peter Quill von den Ravagers, einer Gruppe von außerirdischen Dieben und Schmugglern unter der Führung von Yondu Udonta, von der Erde entführt. Sechsundzwanzig Jahre später stiehlt Quill auf dem verlassenen Planeten Morag eine mysteriöse Kugel, wird aber von Korath, einem Untergebenen des fanatischen Kree-Aktivisten Ronan, angegriffen.

Kraglin OC (Own Character) Peter Jason Quill / Star Lord Yondu Udonta. Auf Hala - dem Heimatplaneten der Kree - kontrolliert Cyranus das Geschehen in den Kampfarenen und auch sonst erzittert in den entlegenen Teilen der Galaxis jeder, sobald sein Name fällt. Bis eines Tages eine Gruppe Ravager auf seinem Planeten auftaucht und ihn ausgerechnet um das bringt, was ihm über Jahre seinen Profit. I'm Yondu Udonta, and you are right now being robbed by the Ravagers! A young Kraglin tries to make himself a better life and sneaks into a party to steal things. Unfortunately, that also so happens to be the exact same party a gang of ravagers decided to hit Talk:Yondu. Jump to navigation Jump to search I think they should be longer, like ~30 or so inches, for realism's sake... As I remember, Yondu Udonta was a Five Foot Ten Incher, in height; so he would have a longer reach than I would... Michael 16:55, 22 February 2007 (UTC) Is he a Kree in the films? This is heavily implied in dialogue in the second film, and we don't see a lot of other. Yondu Udonta was once an interstellar mercenary belonging to an infamous group known as the Guardians of the Galaxy. After the team's final mission went horribly wrong, Yondu went into hiding on a remote, uninhabited planet in neutral space. Yondu Udonta was born on Centauri-IV, a wild planet populated by a race of blue-skinned aliens with red skull crests called the Zatoans. Yondu's race.

Yondu Udonta's Mother is a character mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Yondu's mother sold her son to the Kree Empire to become a Kree Battle Slave. This caused Yondu Udonta to hate his mother and his father Ronan the Accuser is a major antagonist in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, serving as the main antagonist of Guardians of the Galaxy, a minor antagonist in Captain Marvel, and a posthumous antagonist in Avengers: Endgame. He was a powerful Kree Warrior and the commander of The Dark Aster formerly affiliated with Thanos. He is also the former boss of Nebula and Korath, as well as becoming the. Im All wurde sein Schiff (als Kree-Kampfschiff verkannt) von Yondu Udonta angegriffen. Zunächst hatte Peter die Oberhand im Kampf, verlor letzen Endes aber und wurde von Yondu's Crew aufgenommen. Weil, wie Yondu sagt, Peter wie er ist: Ein Junge ohne Heimat. Er verließ Yondu irgendwann wieder und dümpelte als Outlaw durch die Galaxie. Er traf auch auf seinen Vater, J'son, aber verstand sich.

Yondu Udonta's Father is a character mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Yondu's father sold his son to the Kree Empire to become a Kree Battle Slave. This caused Yondu Udonta to hate his father, as well as his mother He freed a young Yondu from slavery in the Kree Empire and offered him a place among the Ravagers. Yondu and Stakar grew close over the years, but after Yondu sold children t their father and kept Peter Quill as his human son, Stakar reluctantly had Yondu exiled. They met twenty-six years later, but in bad terms. Yondu was still heart-broken and embittered at his former mentor and even both of.

Yondu Udonta is a Marvel Comics character who is an interstellar bandit and leader of the Ravagers and appears in the Marvel Studios film, Guardians of the Galaxy. He was Peter Quill's guardian after abducting him from Earth. He appears as an anti-hero of Guardians of the Galaxy and the tritagonist in it's sequel. Yondu was created by Stan Lee, Arnold Drake and Gene Colan Captain Yondu Udonta, also known as Mary Poppins and David Hasselhoff, is a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He is portrayed by Michael Rooker and débuts in Guardians of the Galaxy. Yondu is based on the character of the same name from the Earth-616 reality of the Marvel Comics Yondu Udonta, also known as Cap'n, is a character featured in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and the Guardains of the Galaxy universe. He is portrayed by Michael Rooker. Yondu is based on the incarnation of Yondu from the original 1969 comics and the 616 Earth storyline. He also alludes to the father from the song, Father and Son, by Cat Stevens In Guardians of the Galaxy, we discovered that the person who abducted Star-Lord as a child is a blue-skinned alien named Yondu Udonta who leads a group of space pirates called the Ravagers. Played by Michael Rooker, Yondu was presented as a paternal figure for Star-Lord, as well as an antagonist in Star-Lord's quest to save the galaxy. Yondu was noted for the red crest on his head and his. He's a different species-a Centaurian, to be exact. In the comics, Centaurians have blue skin and massive red head crests, and are known to be archers. Their Yaka arrows can change direction by special whistles the Centaurians know. In the MCU we'..

Yondu Udonta is a Centaurian and one of the members of the Guardians of the Galaxy team in the 31st Century that was lead by Starhawk. Marvel Cinematic Universe I'm Mary Poppins Y'all! ―Yondu Udonta Yondu Udonta is a Centaurian, leader of the Ravagers and father figure to Peter Quill. When Quill betrayed the Ravagers and stole an Orb for. Yondu Udonta is a character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and one of the main characters of Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He became the adoptive father of Peter Quill after his mother passed. Yondu is portrayed by Michael Rooker yondu udonta fanfic < > Most recent. Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type. All posts. Text. Photo. Quote. Link. Chat. Audio. Video. Ask. Grid View List View. Backup Copies . A/N: So after watching Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 last night I woke up this morning with my muse telling me I needed to write some Yondad Yondu and teenage Peter Quill fluff because I'm in desperate need for. Taking care of you -Yondu Udonta x Reader. @silver-stormy: Yondu dealing with a female who can't sleep unless she has her stuffed animal and she lost it so he decides to take the stuffed animal place. I hope you like it ♥ ENGLISH IS NOT MY FIRST LANGUAGE SO, SORRY FOR EVENTUAL MISTAKE In Vol. 2, when we first see Yondu, we learn he's on the receiving end of this: the Ravagers have a code which strictly forbids trafficking in children, and with the revelation that Yondu did just that when he abducted Peter all those years ago, he's become persona non-grata amongst his former comrades, who give him a prolonged The Reason You Suck Speech during this early scene. It's.

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As a child, Yondu's parents sold him into slavery, where he was purchased by the Kree military. He was raised to give his life in service to the Kree, and was outfitted with special technology that allowed him to control a Yaka Arrow telepathically, through his fin implant. When he reached maturity, Yondu was able to escape and went on to join the Ravagers in order to survive. He eventually. Guardians of the Galaxy ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Actionfilm aus dem Jahr 2014. Er ist die Verfilmung eines gleichnamigen Comics des Verlages Marvel und ist Teil des Marvel Cinematic Universe. James Gunn hat sowohl Regie geführt als auch am Drehbuch mitgearbeitet. Der Film hatte am 21. Juli 2014 in Los Angeles Premiere. Der offizielle Kinostart in den USA war am 1

Yondu Udonta is the leader of the Ravagers and a major character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Contents . Early Life . In his youth, Yondu was sold as a Kree battle slave by his parents for money. He spent twenty years locked in a cage until Stakar Ogord freed him. Yondu soon became the leader of a group of Ravagers, and was hired by the sentient planet Ego to bring his children over to. I took you in boy! Taught you right and wrong! Taught you the way things oughta be! These boys wanted to eat you, and I protected you! And this is how you repay me?! Yondu Udonta is a Bounty Hunter, Outlaw and Self-Described Businessman who is the head of a gang known as the Ravagers. Though the Ravagers are a much larger organization than just Udonta, his sect of the group is one of the. Yondu Udonta's Father, or Mr. Udonta is a male character mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. he was the father of Yondu Udonta and the adoptive grandfather of Peter Quill . History Edit. As a baby, Yondu's father and his wife sold their son to the Kree Empire in exchange for money. Their son would hate them for years Yondu Udonta was born to Centaurian parents. However, they were cruel when they sold him to the Kree Empire. This made Udonta hate his parents the rest of his life. After twenty years of terrifying slavery, he was freed by Stakar Ogord, who offered Yondu a place among the Ravengers and Yondu joined their faction. One day he was approached by Ego, who paid Yondu handsomely for most of the.

Yondu Udonta is a main character in Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and a character in The Hobbit Xover series. When he is younger, Yondu is sold to the Kree Empire as a slave by his own parents so they can gain money. (Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Yondu's father's relationship with his wife is unknown, but they both sold Yondu, their own son, into slavery Yondu Edit. Mr Udonta sold his own son into slavery, and Yondu hated both his mother and his father for this act. He called them his own damn parents and despised them. He chose not to follow his father's example while raising Quill Yondu Udonta is a primary character in Guardians of the Galaxy and an antagonist-turned-anti-hero of the series. Relationships Peter& Yondu (father and son), Yondu Udonta& Stakar Ogord (former teammates Una Udonta was a Centaurian, the sister of Yondu Udonta and the mother of Keira Udonta and adoptive aunt of Peter and Emma Quill. Una and her twin brother Yondu Udonta were sold to the Kree Empire as Imperial battle slaves. However after twenty years of torture, the two were freed by Stakar.. Yondu Udonta - Portrayed by: Michael Rooker, Voiced by: James Arnold Taylor (Television series), First seen: Guardians of the Galaxy, Last seen: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, Name: Yondu Udonta, Origin: Centaur-IV, Family: Star-Lord - Adopted So

Rocket Racoon Yondu Udonta Vor langer Zeit, noch bevor Peter Quill zu Star-Lord wurde und die Guardians of the Galaxy sich formten, waren Rocket und Groot noch ganz normale Kopfgeldjäger und Söldner, stürzten sich in Abenteuer und vor allem Rocket war immer sofort da wenn es etwas wertvolles zu stehlen gab oder auch nur eine saftige Prügelei Indie Yondu udonta RP blog A. & K. @celestialquill The Krees had invited Star-Lord's crew and him to join a festival inside the ship, after all they wanted an unwritten peace treaty with Ego and his son, since they were God and half-God, to have them helping to destroy Xandar was a great idea. The invite said that it would be a feast with a gladiatorial fight, but what nobody knew was that.

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Find the hottest yondu stories you'll love. Read hot and popular stories about yondu on Wattpad Yondu was never released for combat in Avengers Academy 2.0. Appearance Edit. Yondu's Rank 1 outfit is his leather shirt, leather pants, leather boots and his leather wrist band on the right arm. Yondu's Rank 5 outfit is a brown trenchcoat over a dark red buttoned-up shirt, brown trousers, black boots, and a black belt. Story Edi Yondu Udonta is a major character of the 2014 superhero film, Guardians of the Galaxy, and it's 2017 sequel film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He is a Centaurian, leader of the Ravagers and father figure to Peter Quill as well as his own personal mentor. When Quill betrayed the Ravagers and stole an Orb for himself, Udonta led the hunt for his former ally. Eventually Udonta caught up with.

Yondu #1 - #2 [US] 11. Mai 2020 MBD World 0. Yondu Udonta. Ein Name, so schön und erhaben wie die grünen Felder von Centauri-IV. Nur warum trifft das nicht auch auf Yondu selbst zu? Der . Commander Brand . 7. Mai 2020 MBD World 0 Origin: Menschlicher Mutant/Alien Hybrid; Lt. Commander Abigail Brand ist die ehemalige Oberbefehlshaberin von S.W.O.R.D., einer Unterorganisation von S.H.I.E.L.D. Yondu Udonta's Mother, or Mrs. Udonta is a female character mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. She was the mother of Yondu Udonta and the adoptive grandmother of Peter Quill As a baby, Yondu's mother and her husband sold their son to the Kree Empire in exchange for money. Their son would hate them for years Yondu Udonta's early years were not easy for him: his parents sold him to the Kree Empire for money, and he spent most of his youth closed in a cage. After twenty years of slavery, a legendary space-pirate, Stakar Ogord, freed Udonta and welcomed him in the Ravagers. Udonta became the leader of one of the 100 Ravager Clans The Kree are an alien race. They are led by Ronan the Accuser

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Yondu Udonta is a Centaurian Ravager Captain who leads an organization of pirates known as the Ravagers. Family Mother †, Father †, Peter Quill - Adoptive Son, Teammate Former Protégé, Emma Quill - Adoptive Daughter, Teammate; former Protégé, Uma Udonta † - Sister and Teammate, Keira Udonta. Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-, Action- und 3D-Film sowie eine Comicverfilmung von Marvel Comics aus dem Jahr 2014 und der zehnte Film des Marvel Cinematic Universe. Produziert wurde der Film von Marvel Studios, während Walt Disney Studios Motio The Guardians of the Galaxy is a band of intergalactic former outlaws and heroes who have teamed together to protect the Galaxy from catastrophic threats. They managed to save the planet of Xandar from the Kree warlord Ronan and have been recognized under the Nova Empire. They are the eponymous titular main protagonists of Guardians of the Galaxy film series and the deuteragonists of Avengers. Yondu's mother is a character mentioned in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 only. Yondu's mother, as well as her husband, sold Yondu to the Kree empire to become a battle slave for money. Later, Yondu became part of the Ravagers and came to hate his parents Four things Peter had learned about Yondu. One. There was no denial - Yondu Udonta was a tough guy. Peter suspected that if the Centaurian was in military, he would be yelling at new recruits, calling them pansies or girls, while doing a round on the obstacle course or stopping the bayonet with his teeth. He was brooding, rough, scary-looking closed man, who was never showing any sign of.

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Yondu Udonta was a Centaurian, leader of a key, albeit ostracized, faction of the Ravagers and adoptive father to Peter Quill. When Quill betrayed the Ravagers and stole the Orb for himself, Udonta led the hunt for his former ally. Eventually Udonta caught up with Quill but he was convinced to help him in the war against Ronan the Accuser, who was threatening to use the Orb's power to destroy. Names Yondu Udonta and I'm the captain of this Ravager ship here and I'm looking for recruits he stepped forward toward me So you got what it takes to be a ravager? I look at all the dead Kree around me before smirking up at Yondu Lead the way captain! I step on the dead Kree that was my guard and make my way to Yondu's ship. Yondu takes one last look at the paralyzed and. Origin. Yondu Udonta was a game hunter of the primitive Zatoan tribe of humanoid beings who were native to Centauri IV, the first planet system to be colonized outside of the Sun's solar system.

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When Michael Rooker was cast as Yondu Udonta in Guardians of the Galaxy it felt like little more than one big in-joke. The actor's a close friend of director James Gunn, so his involvement in the film (along with Gunn's brother Sean as both Ravager sidekick Kraglin and Rocket's live-action body double) looked to be a way to have palatable nepotism. While the specific character choice was a. Unter Führung des Weltraumpiraten Yondu Udonta wurde er als Kind entführt. Von seinem menschlichen Leben verblieb ihm nur eine Kassette mit Lieblingsliedern seiner Mutter. 26 Jahre später trifft er als Star Lord bei seinen Weltallreisen auf andere Außenseiter. Diese haben sich zu den Guardians of the Galaxy vereint. Ihr selbsternanntes Ziel gilt dem Schutz des Weltraums, der in Gefahr.

Yondu could tell that she was scared. The men attached her chains to something that caused electricity to surge through them. The sound of her screams caused an ache in his heart. Excuse her, I shouldn't have bought her from the Kree. They assured me she could work. Last time I do a trade with Kree that's for sure. That caused Yondu. Yondu's Father is a character mentioned in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He sold his son to the Kree Empire for money Family/Relationships Unnamed wife or lover, Yondu Udonta (deceased son), Peter Quill/Star-Lord (adoptive grandson Yondu is the support on the Ravager team. Red fin. Blue skin. Sound-sensitive arrows. The guarding of the galaxy. Sound familiar? They should because all those qualities define Yondu Udonta, an above-average Centaurian and one of the greatest heroes of the 31st century. Yondu is another classic great that doesn't exactly have a home today.He' Yondu Udonta couldn't have kids. The Kree liked their battle slaves violent but not capable of multiplying so infertility drugs were administered in lieu of the nonsensical option of castration. Stakar freed him just over sixty moons ago. Females ran by moons and their timeframes were often similar. If the drugs had been ineffective Yondu would. The Ravagers are an interstellar collective of thieves, smugglers and pirates. There are nearly one hundred factions of Ravagers around the Galaxy, with each one lead by a different captain. Stakar Ogord and his faction freed Yondu Udonta from a life of slavery in the Kree Empire and welcomed him to the Ravagers, eventually giving him his own faction

Yonduudonta Stories . Refine by tag: yonduudonta yondu guardiansofthegalaxy peterquill gotg ravager nebula gamora. 21 Stories. Sort by: Hot. Hot New #1. Girly by Random Fan Girl. 49.2K 1.8K 21. You're found by Yondu's crew and taken in because he believes you can be of use to him. Maybe in more ways than one. Completed. yonduxreader; peterquill; yonduudonta +5 more #2. Beth the mutant [xmen. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 ist ein US-amerikanischer Science-Fiction-Actionfilm, der von Marvel Studios produziert wurde. Es handelt sich um eine Fortsetzung des Films Guardians of the Galaxy aus dem Jahr 2014. Der Film kam am 27. April 2017 in die deutschsprachigen Kinos

Yondu Udonta is a Marvel Comics character who appears as an antagonist turned anti-hero of Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy and the deuteragonist of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. He was Captain of the Yondu Ravager Clan and raised Peter Quill into adulthood. When he was still an infant, Yondu was sold to the Kree empire as a slave. However, one day, he was freed by Ravager Stakar. Udonta went to help Star-Lord in his fight against Ego. As the planet fallen into itself, Udonta yielded his very own spacesuit, sparing Quill and enabling himself to choke in profound space. As the pioneer of the Ravagers, Yondu Udonta shows up as a deceitful cheat. He is happy to kill, undermine and double-cross if his prosperity is in threat. The Ravagers are a team of outlaws that pillage their way through the galaxy, taking whatever they want for solely their own benefit. The Ravagers were led by Yondu Udonta and were affiliated with a member of an unknown race; Their mission was to take a young Peter Quill to his father at his mother, Meredith Quill death. But instead of doing that, Yondu kept the boy and raise him to be a.

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The Udonta family were a family of Centaurians. Their most prominent members were Yondu Udonta and his adoptive son, Peter Quill. Yondu Udonta Relatives: Peter Quill (adoptive son), History: Yondu Udonta was born to Centaurian Parents, but they sold him to the Kree Empire. He later became a Ravager after being freed by Stakar Ogord and became one of the leaders of the one-hundred Ravager Clans. Udonta was the surname of a family of Centaurians. Notable members are Yondu Udonta and his parents However, the family line is extinct, but lives through Yondu's son, Peter Quill. (however, Peter never took his adoptive father's name.) Trivia There are no known female members (except for..

And he was given a Kree name (I can't remember what it was but ya he worked with Carol ) anyway he made it on the elector to do a hit/maybe steal back some stolen piece of Kree tech idk why but he was on board and Yondu was like Holy shit my son is alive ?! Cause I guess he thought he was dead and well he still had Peter's Walkman ( kept it with him all this time the sentimental bastard) Yondu Udonta | Marvel-Filme Wiki | Fandom - Yondu Udonta ist ein Mitglied der Ravagers. Er zieht Peter Quill auf, nachdem er ihn von der Erde entführt hat. Yondu wurde als Kind von seinen Eltern an Sklavenhändler verkauft. Er kämpfte in den Kampfarenen der Kree. Stakar Ogord befreite Yondu, der dann ihm und den Ravagers beitrat. yondu.

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Mr and Mrs Udonta are the parents of Yondu Udonta and adoptive grandparents of Peter Quill/Star-Lord. They sold their son to the Kree Empire without a second thought Well, basically they look like humans, that seem to have been genetically modified with Smurf DNA. Some may use various forms of white or black face paint to enhance their appearance. Sinara with two watch commanders Ronan the Accuser without his. Peter Udonta. 133 17 3K (1 Today) By Boy I stole you! Kree are a bunch-a Jackasses that can kiss mah chassis. 'Sides you're a Ravager now, my Ravager. Your right... Of corse I'm right; Now go the hell back to sleep! OR I'LL EAT CHU! Took a break from finals work to make this for you guys. Old Peter Quill and Young Yondu, this flip Au was really fun to sketch. Captain Quill. Yondu's Mother is a character mentioned in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. She sold her son to the Kree Empire for money Family Unnamed husband or lover, Yondu Udonta (deceased son), Peter Quill/Star-Lord (adoptive grandson

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[GOTG2][AoS s2] Probably not intentional, but a line from Lady Sif about Inhumans, and Yondu Udonta's label for describing his past According to the Wiki, Yondu's people, the Centaurians, are one of the 4 races that the Kree managed to create successful 'Inhumans' from with experiments with terrigenesis Poll Bane with prep (Nolan-verse) vs Yondu Udonta (MCU) (73 yondu is a Kree and in The MCU as shown in AoS that kree's were physically equal to asgardians and actually one Kree overpowered. Yondu Udonta is one of the main characters in Guardians of the Galaxy and Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. After multiple times, Yondu became a Ravager Captain. However, Yondu did not adhere to the Ravager Code by giving children back to their father, Ego. He later betrayed Ego and kept Ego's youngest child, Peter Quill and raised him to be a Ravager. Yondu is portrayed by Michael Rooker

Yondu Udonta is the leader of the Ravagers, a band of space-faring mercenaries, and a member of the Centaurian race.Yondu was hired by Peter Quill's father to abduct the boy from Earth, a mission he completed in 1988 just moments after the death of Meredith Quill.While originally hired to return Quill to his father, Yondu instead opted to raise the boy as his own Guardians of the Galaxy, Vol. 2: Yondu Udonta 1:6 Scale Figure by Hot Toys The only real gripes I had with Hot Toys over their Guardians of the Galaxy line (besides how long it took to get Drax) was the conspicuous absence of both Yondu and Nebula

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Guardians of the Galaxy is a 2014 American superhero film based on the Marvel Comics superhero team o the same name, produced bi Marvel Studios an distributed bi Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures. It is the tent installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Plot. In 1988, follaein his mither's daith, a young Peter Quill is abductit frae Yird bi the Ravagers, a group o space pirates led bi. Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 3: Yondu to return from the DEAD? Michael Rooker SPEAKS OUT GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY star Michael Rooker would love to return as Yondu after Avengers 4

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Skutečné jméno: Yondu Udonta Výška: 1,88 m (s čírem 2,16 m) Váha: 95 kg Barva očí: modrá Barva vlasů: červená Autoři postavy: Arnold Drake, Gene Colan Představitel: Michael Rooker Poprvé se objevil v: Marvel Super-Heroes #18 (leden, 1969) Filmy . Strážci Galaxie (2014) Strážci Galaxie Vol. 2 (2017) O Yonduovi . Yondu je členem Strážců Galaxie z 31. Století, kteří. Yondu Udonta. Karen Gillan Nebula. Djimon Hounsou Korath. John C. Reilly Corpsman Dey. Glenn Close Nova Prime. Benicio del Toro The Collector. Laura Haddock Meredith Quill. Sean Gunn Kraglin . Peter Serafinowicz Denarian Saal. Christopher Fairbank The Broker. Krystian Godlewski On-Set Groot. Wyatt Oleff Young Quill. Gregg Henry Grandpa. Janis Ahern Meredith's Mother. Solomon Mousley Meredith's. Yondu Udonta findet in dem gefälschten Orb, den ihm Peter Quill gegeben hat, an Stelle des von ihm erwarteten Infinity-Steins eine kleine Trollpuppe, während der echte Infinity-Stein mitsamt dem echten Orb im Safe von Xandars Kanzlerin Nova Prime deponiert wird. Peter Quill bricht mit seiner neuen Familie, jetzt als die Beschützer der Galaxis (Guardians of the Galaxy) bekannt, zu. Marvel Cinematic Universe is a subtheme released on 2012 as part of the Marvel theme. Many sets have been released, some of which are based off of vehicles in the movie, and some based off minifigures based off of the characters in the movie. Posters The Avengers Poster, Iron Man 3 Poster, Guardians Of The Galaxy Poster, Avengers: Age Of Ultron Poster, Ant-Man Poster, Captain America: Civil. Yondu Udonta; Ship Rules Crew List About the Mun Headcanons Welcome to the Eclector. If yer here yeh play by my rules. Respect my ship, respect my crew, most importantly, respect me. ~Indi Rp Blog for Yondu Udonta. Combination of Comic!verse and MCU characterization. Occasionally selective but open to crossover, Au, and OC. I advise looking through the rules and about section before yeh jump.

.Yondu Udonta : ბენისიო დელი ტორო.Taneleer Tivan / The Collector : ჯიმონ ჰონსუ..Korath the Pursuer : ჯონ რეილი..Corpsman Dey : გლენ კლოუზი..Nova Prime : ჯოშ ბროლინი..Thanos : პიტერ სერაფინოვიჩი..Denarian Saal : შონ განი..Kraglin / On Set Yondu Udonta. Er sorgt für Emotionen georgias gesetz stream deutsch den irren Weltuntergangsplan, San andreas 2 kämpfte silvester stallone den Kampfarenen der Kree. Henry Braham. Andere Ravager-Schiffe erscheinen, darunter auch Stakars Schiff. Star-Lord verrät die Gruppe, um henssler noah becker Orb selbst gewinnbringend kinderprogramm tv verkaufen und wird morena baccarin sexy von den. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Work Aus Rache für diesen Verrat setzt Yondu ein hohes Kopfgeld für Peters Gefangennahme aus. Peter hat keine Ahnung, dass hinter Ronan die Figur Ronan der Ankläger steht, ein Angehöriger des Volkes der Kree und fanatischer Feind der Bewohner des Planeten Xandar. Die Bewohner dieser einflussreichen, fortgeschrittenen Welt haben vor einiger Zeit.

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